Wait, didn’t you guys used to make juice?

Yes, we did! We chose to stop juice production in Fall 2018 in order to focus on new product development. We’ve always known we wanted to expand into new products but as a growing brand, we want to direct 100% of our energy and resources toward new product development and our larger vision of Misfit Foods. This move allows us to think bigger and expand our impact. This is an exciting, NEW era for Misfit. We’re excited to bring you along in this journey toward launching Misfit Foods, and we can’t wait for you to try our new products.

So what’s next?

We want to create an entire platform of delicious products, designed to solve supply chain inefficiencies and meet your needs. We’re thinking bigger and expanding our impact. Over the past three years we have learned that food waste is a much bigger problem than whole ugly fruits and veggies alone. Did you know that scrap waste from carrot sticks, romaine hearts, and veggie noodles is a huge source of waste? Did you know that avocado oil production only uses 11% of the whole fruit? Yeah, it’s wild. We want our new products to address this full spectrum of waste in supply chains.

Can we stay friends in the meantime?  

Yes! We’re not going anywhere until new products launch. Here’s what to expect from us in the meantime:

  • We want to transform the biggest food supply chain inefficiencies into delicious, highly nutritious, plant-forward products with your help. The best part of building this business is the community around us. We would love for you to be part of our product development process and give feedback on our new products and packaging. Join our Innovation Odd Squad to stay involved.

  • We’re not building this alone - over the last three years, we’ve learned that we’re not just building a brand, we’re building a community of misfits who believe that they can vote for a better food system through their purchases. Expect collaborations and content that celebrate misfits across industries, and bring the global community of food waste warriors closer to home. We can’t wait to share these stories of misfits in food and life with you. Follow us on Instagram and DM us ideas and suggestions anytime.

When will your next product launch?

We’re hard at work! Stay tuned for our launch in 2019, and maybe even some sneak peeks beforehand ;).

Why is food waste such a big deal?

Because wasted food has huge environmental and financial consequences. Total food waste represents a $218 billion loss annually in the United States. Uneaten food makes up 21% of our total landfill volume, takes up 18% of our total arable land, and uses 25% of our country's fresh water supply.  

Learn more about the impact of food waste through our Meet the MISFITs series, the ReFED report, the Save the Food Campaign and this John Oliver video

Are supply chain inefficiencies and misfit produce safe to eat?

Right back at ya: is the fruit really ugly? Or do we just need a better word to describe it? Misfit produce is perfectly good to eat but falls by the wayside because of high aesthetic standards for produce that is retailed in the US. Alternatively, the produce finds its way to us because there's a surplus at some point in the supply chain. Or it's the excess trimming of a fresh-cut carrot stick or watermelon cube. Misfit produce is safe to eat — end of the story.